Intelligent, cloud-based alarm notification and network management.

Sprue launched its innovative Wi-Safe Connect platform to a packed Essen Show, utilising software acquired as part of the Intamac source code acquisition announced earlier in September.

Wi-Safe Connect is a professional B2B management system.

Allows Wi-Safe 2 FireAngel devices to connect to the internet via a small gateway.

The unique diagnostic information held within each device is sent directly to a personalised dashboard where alerts can be managed and responses initiated.

Wi-Safe Connect is ideal for those premises with a requirement for real time monitoring and status notification of single or multiple networks*.

Networks are easily scalable and can be expanded at any time by adding additional devices, and information such as health of devices, battery status and tamper alerts can be fed-back to live dashboards. All information is recorded and historical reports can be generated for future maintenance scheduling.

*subject to country regulations


The Gateway

The gateway plugs directly into the back of an existing internet hub via the Ethernet cable (provided) and connects the diagnostic information within an individual WS2 network to a cloud dashboard


The Installer wizard

A web-based installer wizard is used to set up a new or retrospective network onto platform and can be accessed on multiple devices such as laptops or tablets.


The Dashboard

The heart of the system is the intuitive online 24/7 user control dashboard with real time reporting of events.


The App

A dedicated push to app service is available to the end-user, where real time notifications and messages from alarm networks can be transmitted directly to a smartphone.